2017 Retreat at Silver Falls

The Oregon Regency Society
requests the honor of your presence
at our 2017 Annual Retreat

This year our retreat will be in the fall, the 9-12 of November.  A fall retreat is a nice change of pace and an excuse to acquire a few pieces to add to our wardrobes, and to just experience a different season that is more than just pumpkin spice and cinnamon.

Silver Falls Lodge

Our venue is one that often gets missed when searching for venues in the area.  Silver Falls Lodge and Conference Center is located at Silver Falls, just south of Silverton.  Silver Falls, folks, is simply gorgeous.  Home to more than two dozen miles of hiking trails, this gorgeous part has 18 stunning falls, including four that you can comfortably walk behind as part of your hiking experience.  These breathtaking photos are all of falls at Silver Falls.

Silver Souths Middle North Falls

Silver Falls South Fall

Silver Falls 1

Silver Falls B lodgeWe have reserved the Alder Lodge (one of four), which is ADA-accessible (similar to the lodge shown to the left, except all on one level) that will accommodate 12 people in 6-double-occupancy rooms.  By renting the entire lodge, we can decorate to our hearts’ contents, provided that nothing is done that can not be undone upon leaving.  Each room has its own lock, in addition to the lock just to get into this lodge.

A short, extremely easy and stunning hike away…

Silver Falls path

…we have a limited number of very private upper cabins that were once old Girl Scout cabins.

Silver Falls Upper CabinSilver Falls Girl Scout cabin
These are wonderful for two or three people.  The privacy they afford is both romantic and a chance for silly friends to get up to plenty of shenanigans.  We suggest finding a friend or two to book one of these together!

The Alder Lodge rooms have two large, shared bathrooms, but the Upper cabins have en-suite bathrooms.

In addition to those, we have one lower-cabin with a queen bed up for grabs.  This cabin requires two paid tickets, and, of course, will allow for both people, or one, if you so choose.

If we fill our cabins as well as the six rooms in Alder Lodge, then we can start booking in another lodge.  However, unless we fill another lodge, the other rooms can be made available to others.  The earlier you book, the better your choices.  This year, we are allowing our guests to choose their accommodations in order of booking.  If you choose to wait, you may be in the second lodge, which may or may not fill up.

We are planning several events, including archery and an auction, and will share more information as those events come together.

Of course we will have our Saturday ball.  This will be in the Big Leaf Dining Hall.  This hall has landmark status, and is simply amazing.  There is another wing not shown in the photo below.

Silver Falls Hall

Silver Falls mealThe onsite chef, Chef Kirk Veroneau, specialized in regency cuisine during his time in Boston.  This may be a first for us, having a chef who actually specialized in our era!  Our meals shall be influenced by the era, though, aside from the ball, may have a modern twist.  Our ball meal, however, will be a time for him to run wild with his regency skills.

Our pricing structure this year is as follows:

$475 early-bird special for the first 10, as well as best choice of accommodations.  This admission must be paid in full.

$525 standard rate until the 13th of September, and choice of accommodations in order of signing up.

This rate is also available as an installment plan.  It can be split into two payment of $262.50.  The balance needs to be paid by October 14th due to the date the balance of the venue needs to be paid.

$575 for stragglers from the 14th of September until the 14th of October.

After the 14th of October, contact us directly.

$75 for the ball only, on Saturday, the 11th of November, at 6pm.  (This is included in the admissions above.)

Tickets are non-refundable.  If you change your mind, or can’t attend in the end, you can transfer or sell your ticket to someone else of your choosing.  We do not have the funds to cover changed minds or other things coming up.  We still do have to pay for your spot and meals.  If we sell out of tickets and have a waiting list, then we can facilitate a transfer or sale for you.  Thank you for your understanding.

To reserve your spot, please go to our 2017 Annual Retreat at Silver Falls section in our online ticketing store.

Please contact us if you have any questions, and we will reply as soon as possible.

Lady Antoinette


(aka Aria Clements)

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