Fun Fact Friday: The Dolley Series

Yes, this week’s post is going up on a Saturday.  We here at the ORS have bee extremely busy.

When we think of the regency era, most of us think of Jane Austen’s England of fashion-setting France.  How many of us give thought to the regency era in American?

Meet Dolley Madison.


Why yes, she DOES look familiar.  We’re all seen her portrait before, but may not have given more than a passing thought as to who that woman in gold-trimmed white may be.

From 1809 through 1817, Dolley reigned the White House.  Well, specifically until 1814, George Washington.jpgwhen the British burned the building.

Your fun fact for this week:

Our own regency First Lady, Dolley herself, is credited with saving the famous 1797 portrait of President George Washington (itself a copy by the artist, Gilbert Stuart, of one of his own earlier full-bodied pieces of Washington).  While she did not personally remove the portrait, she ordered it removed, and a group of servants, including some who were slaves, under the direction of her assistant Jean Pierre Sioussat, broke it free from the screwed-to-the-wall frame.  If not for the decision by this lady, the portrait would have been destroyed.

Please enjoy this upcoming series on Dolley Madison during her time as our own regency First Lady.

Lady Antoinette


(aka Aria Clements)

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