The Duchess’s Dinner

Dearest lovelies,

On Saturday, we finally held our long-delayed Duchess’s Dinner.  Right before our original date in March, heavy rains and landslides made safety a big concern.  When we rescheduled to May, hoping for clear skies, we…

Well, we were reminded that we are in the Pacific Northwest, where clear skies is a four-letter word, better known as “As if.” So no, we didn’t have brilliant blue skies, though the sun managed to break through for a few minutes on a couple of occasions.  Those golden rays were quite the reprise from the relentless rain.

Jamie Molnar and Nora Azevedo, dressed in gowns by Aria Couture, observe the lower part of the falls.

We did, however, enjoy the sights or a full-bodied, majestic waterfall, and it’s thanks to all the rain we are still getting.  The dampness of the earth filled our lungs with sweet, fresh petrichor. Though we rarely have much dryness, we are always treated to that wonderful aroma.

Thanks to unexpected road construction and bridge-closures, getting to the lodge took a good deal longer than expected, which afforded our earlier arrivals the opportunity to take a stroll through the lodge and to the overlook area of the falls.  Other guests of the lodge quietly, and in some instances, not so quietly, admired ladies who seemed to have stepped out of history.  The glimmer of jewel-toned gowns and sparkle of beaded cotton was impossible to miss.


Above left: Jamie Molnar appears to have stepped into a time machine to join us in the modern era as we entertain fantasies about hers.
Above right: Lynelle Tarter, donning a beaded cotton frock and sumptuous knit silk gloves of her own creation, and Nora Azevedo, decked in an Aria Couture gown, and Dames a la Mode necklace, share a moment of laughter as the sun makes a quick appearance.

Oregon Regency Society members Tom and Kat, dressed in a gown of her design, are always a charming addition to any party.

Some time later, more guests had braved through the road mess and were making their way up the ninety-three-year-old stone stairs and into the lodge.  As dinner had been delayed for over an hour, our party’s charming guests, famished and about ready to faint delicately and dramatically, quickly took seats in the private dining room, complete with its own fireplace.

Breads and salads were quickly served by the attentive staff, followed by moist, freshly-caught wild Coho salmon and wonderfully-seasoned flank steak.  As the sun began to set, a moment was taken to appreciate the intimate gathering.  Members rarely stay as “just” members for longer.  Our members become our friends, whether outgoing or shy, sophisticated or awkward.  Each and every person who joins us at any of our events brings something that no one else can.  Our members, our friends, are the sweet and savory spices that make the Oregon Regency Society the treat that it is.

In time that seemed all too soon, warm dished of crème brûlée was set in front of each diner.  The soothing dessert served as a sweet nightcap before the time came to bid our enchanting guests with fondest au revoir, and regrets that our gatherings weren’t more often.

If you are one of our treasured members–no, our friends, or would like to become one, please peek at our Events page to see our upcoming events, as well as events by our sister society, the Washington Regency Society, and other local costumed organizations.  If you sign up for notifications at the bottom of this page and follow our Facebook page, you can find out about new events as soon as we’ve set them up.  We hope you will join us soon.

Lady Antoinette



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