Information on our Pittock Mansion picnic

ORS pittock mansion picnicOur annual picnic will be on July 30th of this year, the last Sunday in July on the lawn at Pittock Mansion in Portland.  This picnic tends to be one of our most popular events!  We officially start at 11am in the morning, and end at 3pm.  However, guests are welcome to arrive and depart at their leisure.  This event is free to attend, and there is a bathroom near the gift shop outside.

A bit of information for our new attendants:

This event is free to attend.  However, admission to the mansion itself is separate.  If you haven’t been there yet, we highly recommend a tour.  Adult admission is $10, children 7-18 are $7, seniors 65+ are $9, and children 6 and under are free.  The museum does offer memberships as well.

Period attire is always admired, but never required at this event.  We have people don everything from incredibly accurate attire all the way through things you might see at a renaissance faire.  We do encourage keeping non-modern clothing toward the regency-inspired end, and so have attendants arrive in modern apparel as well.  Since the grounds are not closed to us, we do always have people stumble upon our event, obviously in modern things, and mill among us.  This is very fun!  So if you are just dipping your toes in right now, or want to see a casual event in action before taking the plunge and investing in any costuming pieces, do feel free to come in your jeans or whatever makes you feel comfortable.

You’ll need to bring your own picnic blankets and picnic baskets.  This event isn’t catered.  What you choose to bring is up to you.  Some of us bring cheese and crackers for the simplicity, and some of us bring tea sandwiches.  I’m fairly sure I’ve seen McDonald’s fries a time or two as well.  Most members do bring tea pots and tea in thermoses, and try to look a bit period, but we are realistic and entirely embrace that we often have fruit platters from grocery stores brought in in plastic or paper bags, especially since we do have many members come in from hours away.  So if you’ll eat it, feel free to bring it.  We do however, require that whatever is brought in is properly disposed of or packed back out.

Unfortunately, as the mansion is within the Portland Parks and Recreations system, alcohol of any sort, including wine, is not allowed without a picnic permit, and for events of over 50, insurance.  Pittock Mansion doesn’t have picnic permits available as no areas are able to be privatized for use.  So we can not condone wine.  Feel free to bring grape juice and wine glasses if you wish to feel a bit fancy.

Absolutely no tobacco products of any sort, including e-cigs, are allowed at any time.

Games on the lawn are welcome.  We frequently have games of Graces and Blind Man’s Bluff and Marco Polo, but feel free to bring other games that don’t require connecting things to trees or other structures.  If you play an instrument and would like to play for us, especially period pieces, please do!  If multiple musicians attend, please take turns.

Parking in the closest lot is limited, and is first come, first serve.  We highly recommend carpooling when possible.  On busier days, there is parking on the narrow private road beside the mansion.  If that road needs to be used, the mansion will have parking attendants guiding drivers on where to park.  Keep in mind that there may be a bit of a walk to get to the grounds.  The paths to the grounds are paved, though there are some grades that can make pushing manual chairs a bit of a challenge.  There are reserved handicap spaces available, of course.  However…

As this is a historic location with limited ability to modernize the buildings without major retrofitting such as widening doors and making other structural changes, accessibility can be somewhat limited, and is described officially as “partially wheelchair and stroller accessible.”  The mansion does have an original 1914 elevator to assist guests inside the mansion in accessing all three floors, though motorized wheelchairs and scooters may not always fit.  There are two manual wheelchairs available on a first-come-first-serve basis.  There is no accessibility in the narrow coach house, where one of the employees used to live.  If you have mobility issues, please contact the mansion at 503-823-3623 with any questions or concerns. As we are not employees of the mansion, we are not permitted to use these elevators without employees.

This is our tenth year holding our picnic at Pittock Mansion, and it has grown in popularity every year.  It has been a privilege to be allowed to organize such a large event, free of charge, which has enabled us to make this a free event.

No RSVP’ing is necessary to attend our picnic, so just show up and enjoy!

Lady Antoinette


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